Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me.

Athas: scorched sands under a blood-dark sun, stretching as far as the eye can see. A blasted wasteland forsaken by gods and cursed by magic. Every creature, every plant, even some of the stones will kill you if you give them a chance. Blood is water, after all.

Perhaps you lived in a city-state – a noble, soldier, servant or gladiator. Perhaps you braved the sands as a member of a merchant caravan, or belonged to a tribe of nomads or beast herders. It doesn’t much matter; now you’re a slave in Tyr. Until you die, you will toil for this prosperous city-state and its ruler, the Sorcerer-King Kalak.

Kalak. The “Tyrant of Tyr”. He is nigh-immortal, a god-like being of tremendous power. All despise him. All fear him. None dare stand against him.

Until now.

Everything is about to change in Tyr. The question is: how will it change you?

Sunburnt Land is a fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons game set in the world of Dark Sun, influenced by the original boxed set, Mad Max and the (real and mythical) Australian outback.

Useful links:

  • Character creation – special rules for making a character for this game.
  • House rules – non-standard or optional rules in use for the campaign.

Sunburnt Land

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