House rules

Sunburnt Land uses several optional but recommended rules from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, as well as a few house rules.

Errata and updates

We’ll be using the post-Essentials updated rules, including all updates to powers, feats etc. This includes the new magic item rules (with daily usage, item rarity and associated changes to buying prices and item creation) plus Essential class builds are also allowed.

Optional rules

  • Inherent bonuses – magic items are rare on Athas, and heroes there are tough enough not to rely on them. All player characters will use inherent enhancement bonuses as outlined in DMG2.
  • Alternative rewards – adventurers on Athas rarely find hoards of cash or other treasure, but do earn favours from influential groups and sometimes boons in the form of training or supernatural endowments. Note that this will also apply to initial equipment since characters will start at third level.
  • Reckless breakage – weapons on Athas just aren’t of the same quality, thanks to sub-standard bone, crystal or scavenged metal materials, and can break in the heat of combat when you get reckless and desperate to make a killing blow.
  • Character options – all characters will have a theme, and a randomly determined wild talent.

House rules

  • Quick skill checks – during combat, all skill checks are treated as minor actions by default, with the exceptions of movement, attacks and some defined skill checks (like healing etc.). Stolen from Jerry at Penny Arcade.

House rules

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